Grab a Zappy from any hub and charge your devices on the go.

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Get the App
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Find a Zappy
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Easy power bank sharing

Rent your device, get online & recharge. It couldn’t be easier!

Get portable fast charging from a network of charging hubs located near you. All you need to do is scan the charging hub, grab a portable charger and go! Download the Zappy app to get access to rewards, easy payments and more!

All your favourite chargers in one place.

Our portable fast chargers have strong inbuilt cables with Lighting (Apple), Micro-USB & USB-C connectivity to keep all your devices charged. All Zappy chargers are built with recycled, fire-retardant plastic to minimise our impact on the environment and ensure safety for our Zappy community.

Find Zappy Stations near you.

Want to find your closest Zappy station? Download the Zappy App, sign up and you will be prompted to the closest venue near you.

Is Zappy unavailable in your area at the moment? Request a Zappy station near you in the Zappy app and be notified when it is online!

Install the app and let the juice flow.

Frequently Asked

What is Zappy?
How can i return my Zappy charger?
I lost my Zappy charger what do i do?
Where can i download Zappy?
What type of devices can i charge with Zappy?

Boost your earnings with Zappy for businesses.

Solve a common problem for your customers and make money while you do it! Earn on every rental and gain a passive income stream for your business.

Improve your customer experience
Earn commission on every charge
High-speed Wi-Fi for your clients
Turn Zappy users into your customers
Advertise your business on the Zappy hub
Zappy for Business

Host a Zappy hub in your venue.

If you are running a retail store, cafe or bar, you know how important it is take every opportunity to get potential customers off the street and into your venue.

Schedule a Demo

Guest Wifi transformed into a marketing machine.

Wifi marketing offers the opportunity to use powerful analytics to capture visitor data in real-time. Provide Wifi to your clients, advertise to customers and automate your marketing.

Super Easy Dashboard
Autopilot Automations
Hardware Provided

Let the Zappy Sentry stand guard against infection.

Keep your workplace safe from Covid-19 with the Zappy Sentry.

Tempreture sensor
Sanitizer dispenser
Fully automated

Check out these awesome reviews

Not convinced yet? check out some of these awesome reviews and see for yourself why people love Zappy. Already using our service? Write a review. We'd love to know what you think.

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"Highly recommended to local businesses. Getting setup was effortless."
Simon Pilkington
"Having the hubs in our venues is an adding value to our customers, not only that but increase their average spent."
Helena Croft
“Zappy devices are very popular in our late rooftop nights where costumers need to pay bills with their phone and then order their car sharing rides.”
Federica Donno